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Warehouse and Depot Services

Warehouse is an important infrastructure in logistics supply chains. Especially in the time of integration, it requires intensification of competitiveness, when Vietnam becomes an official WTO member, and increasing outsourcing demand. Currently due to shortage of warehousing system at local ports, in particular the demands for warehousing and space supply at the most appropriate locations are increasingly growing, therefore SOLOG has taken the business opportunities to invest into warehousing services and established a warehousing network at industry parks, distribution centers, terminals and traffic hubs throughout North-Center-South highways of Vietnam. Apart from that, SOLOG also focuses in investing and applying latest information technologies in business management, meeting JIT delivery conveniently for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers.

Container Yard of Solog Sóng Thần

Currently SOLOG is operating a container depot with total area of up to 147,000 sqm, located in industrial zone “Song Than” – Binh Duong convenient for transporting import-export goods from and to Ho Chi Minh city as well as Southern regions. In addition, SOLOG still operates other warehouses and depots in partnership with other companies in Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh and Dong Nai….

With many years of experience in service operation of warehouses and depots with more than 17 modern container-forklifts, SOLOG is fully capable to supply warehousing services, general warehouse, warehouse for supply chains, bonded warehouse, retail operating warehouse, and packaging import-export goods according to requirements of both domestics and foreign customers. SOLOG’s services include arranging, loading and unloading containers as well as their frames to ensure the safety of commodities of different types.

- Bonded warehouse
- Packing and packaging
- Container services
- Freight and cargo consolidating
- Storage in transit
- Storage warehousing
- Export packaging service
- Overweight cargo handling
- Consultancy services
- Oversize cargo handling
- Overtime and weekend services

Strong Foundation of Container Yard To Support Heavy Weights

Upon customer’s request for a depot or warehouse, SOLOG will invest to construct the depot or warehouse to meet customer’s required standards. SOLOG’s currently operating outdoor warehouse and container depot built on strongly reinforced fundaments are able to support heavy-weight cargo containers and all warehouse and depot areas are well-designed with solid security and lighting systems as required and completely secured 24h per day and 7 days per week (24/7).

* Available working schedule 24/24 upon customer’s request.
* All freight and cargo are under risk and fire insurance in case of storage.



Container Yard of Solog Sóng Thần Under Risk & Fire Insurance

According to customer’s requests, SOLOG will provide preservation storage services for their commodities in following formats:
- Tons/ Month
- m2 / Month
- Container / Day
- Package renting a warehouse
- Bonded warehouse services
- Storage management of collateral mortgage commodities of commercial banks.
Address: 550 Crossroads, Binh Hoa Village, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province
Tel: (+84) 0274-3766800, Fax: 0274-3766802, Email: contact@solog.vn